Variety of models

The glass studios offered by FITOUT offer a variety of models that are extremely flexible in fulfilling the requirements of your projects. So far from 4x4m up to 8x8m sized glass studios have been successfully used, according to customer request and production plans. Our glass studios are built on a base construction of steel hollow profiles, the individual wall segments consist of aluminium sandwich panels. The front is made up of several individual panes, which are made of durable composite safety glass.


According to your requirements, the number of laterally glazed walls can be variably arranged, as well as the space of the studio entrance. On request, a lighting rig can be installed according to specifications. Neutral density films, air conditioning or heating - according to your requirements, this and more can be provided.

The wall elements are bolted to the steel base frame and the steel rectangular tube roof frame. Depending on the requirements, the construction of a studio takes between 1-2 working days.


The steel base frame is in turn bolted to the on-site construction. This gives you a very robust construction, which is reflected in stability and safety. All studios were created and constructed in collaboration with the structural engineering office Rothfuss ( in Esslingen.


  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Interior cladding
  • Inclined glass front
  • Neutral density filter panes
  • Lighting rigging


  • Football World Cup in Berlin
  • Champions league Final 2013
  • Europa league Final 2013

Fire protection

All materials used by FITOUT in the studio area comply with the statutory fire protection regulations and are TÜV-certified in accordance with B1 standard DIN 4102. Data sheets and project documents are available on request and can be requested at any time.


The extremely stable construction of the studios guarantees high stability and exemplary safety even in extreme weather conditions, which in turn is documented with outstanding technical values. Accordingly, the base wind pressure is 0.8 kn/m² at a height of up to 8 m, the roof load 150 kg/m².


Our studios offer you enormous combination scope. You can choose between inclined front panes, a seamless front or sliding panes - on request also with Neutral Density film coating. Likewise, there are variable possibilities for the lighting of the studio as well as the equipment of the substructure.

Examples of our TV glass studios

From 4 x 4m to 8 x 8m. We offer a wide range of variants and combinations. Tilted front panes, seamless front, or sliding windows, on request with ND film. Studio lighting and substructures in all variations.

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